Dust Catcher is an independent print magazine about contemporary character design, illustration and collectibles. The magazine takes a look at the creators’ favorite makers, ranging from illustrators and painters to sculptors, toy designers and manufacturers. Aimed at collectors and lovers of characters, the magazine features interviews with creatives who produce physical work in some form or another, all while being captured in enduring print itself, becoming its own kind of collectible – a dust catcher.
Heavily based in collecting and featuring interviewees who often have their work available in some sort of physical form, the name "Dust Catcher" alludes to the physicality of the shown work and the fact that, as collectors, there is a certain chance that outsiders might see our passion as kitsch, collecting dust catchers on our shelves and walls.

Who makes it?
Dust Catcher is designed and edited by Joe Leiner of design studio Bureau Clarté with the help of a few contributors and published by De Verlaach, a small Luxembourgish publishing house.